Joseph Calabretta C.I.P.
Managing Partner

Mr. Joseph Calabretta has over 29 years of investigative experience in the insurance industry. He has investigated hundreds of cases involving insureds, third parties, undercover operations,
and several matrimonial cases in Canada and overseas.

Mr. Calabretta has his CIP designated title since 1986 and has over 5 years experience as an Independent Adjuster. He has supported the Ontario Independent Adjusters Association (OIAA) for the past 29 years.

He has served with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.) for over 9 years as a police officer.

Mr. Calabretta is a member of the Council of
Private Investigators of Ontario (CPIO).

Chris Cheong
Managing Partner
Chief Privacy Officer

Mr. Chris Cheong has over 18 years of investigative experience in the Province of Ontario. He was a Senior Investigator / Supervisor at a well known investigation firm, training new and inexperience investigators in addition to conducting investigative work himself in the field. In 2006, he founded an investigation company and managed it until November 2014.

Throughout his private investigator's career, he has worked on hundreds of insurance related cases involving Accident Benefits, Bodily Injury and Tort claims. He has also conducted investigation involving Discreet Surveillance, Background Check, Undercover Operation, Intelligence Gathering, Trademark & Copyright Infringement, Counterfeiting, Employee Integrity, Witness Interviews and Taking Statements, Asset Tracing and Missing Person.

Mr. Cheong obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Brandon University in the Province of Manitoba.

Mr. Cheong is regarded by his peers to be a person of professional integrity. He is a member of the Council of Private Investigators of Ontario (CPIO) and a former board member.